The Dharma is thus,

flowing from its faraway origin,

resonates in the pure ground of today.


The Treasury mind is not tangible,

skillfully contemplate the arising of conditions,

to enter the Door of ultimate liberation.


All the myriad Dharmas and Paths of Study,

need the cultivation of compassion and wisdom equally,

to carry out the conduct of the Bodhisattva in this world.


The Center nurtures the seeds of the sagely,

comprehending the nature of true forms,

gathers in and transforms living beings toward the Buddha Path.



Dharma Treasury Study Center is a non-profit religious study center established in 2002. We follow in the footsteps of the Traditional Buddhism; our credo is to study the Buddha's teachings, cultivate our inner selves in order to pervasively teach others.


  Bamboo Grove Vihara was established as a training ground for monks and nuns to cultivate and steep themselves in the profound teachings of the Buddha and to nurture outstanding clerics and talented scholars. Also established in order to lead Buddhist  practitioners in mutual cultivation and study.

We offer the following programs: meditation, Buddhist Studies classes, and other charitable activities.


The Study Center was established on the premise of diligently cultivating virtue, extensively propagating the Buddha Dharma, rectifying the human mind, and benefiting living beings. We model ourselves on the altruistic vows and great spirit of the Bodhisattva path, to develop our wisdom, immerge ourselves in the service of society and engage in the humanism of Buddhism based on true principles and human aptitude. 


  Principle and Course of Action

  Establish a Buddhist instructional center to nurture outstanding Buddhist clerics and talented scholars.

  1. Advocate the practice of vegetarianism to the faithful who wish to study and cultivate the Buddha-Dharma, expound on true principles, encourage the cultivation of wisdom and blessings, and integrate the Buddha Dharma in our daily lives.     

  2. To raise the quality of spiritual life through promotion of ethics in society, public charitable seminars and spiritual counseling.

  3. To promote caring for life and the vegetarian diet and to support activities for the protection of the environment and animals.

  4.  Perform all other Buddhist-related activities such as providing comfort for those at the end of life, visiting elderly centers and other charitable deeds.

  5. To publish and distribute printed and multi-media materials to promote the above principles and practice relating to cultural and religious studies.


  The Center welcomes interchange with Buddhist organizations from all over the world for mutual encouragement, support, and the exchange of Buddhist ideas and cultural heritage.